The bodyguard

Hello! I'm the Grand Duke's body guard. I'm in charge of protecting him. I'm discreet, but am never very far away from him when he's on an official visit. I am very attentive, and always ready to intervene if danger arises.

Every Head of State and sovereign has a close protection service. The Grand Duke does too. As the name suggests, the aim is to protect the Grand Duke and his family closely from an assault, an attack or any other danger, such as a stampede in a crowd. This protection is provided by specially trained officers in the Grand Ducal Police.

To be part of this special unit, which has a total of 68 members, you need to be of strong character, in excellent health and very sporty. In addition to protecting the Grand Ducal family, these super-police officers are also expert marksmen. Fortunately, they don't have to shoot very often…