Grand Ducal Palace

Welcome to The Palace

Welcome to The Grand Ducal Palace in Luxembourg City. I work here, at the Palace, and receive my visitors here, too: members of the Government, Heads of State, ambassadors, VIPs and citizens. You can also visit the Palace during the summer.

The Grand Duke

Moien! Welcome to the Palace. The Palace is the symbol of the Monarchy in Luxembourg. We receive important guests here. During State visits, official dinners are held here. We also hold our working meetings here with organisations and members of the public who request them. The Palace is magnificent and contributes to the positive image of our country.

The Grand Duchess

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a constitutional monarchy

Those two words sound very complicated, don’t they! Do you know what they mean?

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When the flag flies from the Palace in the city, it means that the Grand Duke is there to work.

Why is there a Grand Duke and not a King?

What an excellent question! It's a very old story… We'll tell you all about it!

Succession to the throne

Who will succeed Grand Duke Henri?

'The House of the Grand Duke'

The Grand Duke is surrounded by numerous colleagues who help him to organise his duties as Head of State. They work for the Maison du Grand-Duc (the 'House of the Grand Duke'), a term that is applied to all the people working in his service, whether to advise him, inform him, prepare his trips, drive his car, take care of the Palace and its treasures… It is an administration and is dependent on the State.

The Marshal of the Court oversees the Maison. The Grand Duke's Advisor keeps the Grand Duke informed of political, economic and social developments, as well as major national and international issues. Many other professions are at the service of the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess: aides de camp, cooks, valets, technicians, people who look after the Palaces and gardens, archivists, media specialists, etc. We're going to take a look at some of these professions in more detail.

A word about the Grand Ducal Palace

The Grand Ducal Palace is located in the heart of Luxembourg City, on Place du Marché-aux-Herbes. This former Town Hall became the official residence of the Grand Dukes in 1890. Today, the Palace is the workplace of the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess and their advisors, who meet in the 'Maison du Grand-Duc".

Would you like to visit it and discover the treasures inside? The Palace is open in summer and guided tours are organised by the Luxembourg City Tourist Office. It's a chance to take a look behind the scenes, including the Ministers' Office, the Map Room, the Dining Room and the Kings' Salon, to name but a few.

You can see the balcony from the outside. It bears the coat of arms of the Grand Ducal family. On important and joyous occasions, such as weddings, it is traditional for our sovereigns to appear on the balcony to greet the citizens.

Don't forget to check out the other scenes to find out more about the Monarchy, the Grand Ducal Family and the people who work here every day.

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