Berg Castle

Welcome to Berg Castle

Moien! Welcome to Berg Castle, in the town of Colmar Berg. This is where the Head of State traditionally lives. We also hold official meetings here. They take place on the ground floor, while we live upstairs. The castle has an amazing library, a greenhouse, a garage and is set in beautiful grounds.

The Grand Duke

Moien and welcome to our home. It seems pretty big to me now that the children have moved away, but it’s still where we spend time together as a family. I love it here because it's surrounded by magnificent gardens, with trees that are over a hundred years old. It's a relaxing environment with lots of woodland. On public holidays, we welcome the inhabitants of Colmar-Berg to a sort of 'neighbours' party', and we invite well-known personalities of the Luxembourg society to a 'Garden Party'.

The Grand Duchess

How do you address a member of the Grand Ducal Family?

Don't panic, it's very simple!

The hymn of the Grand Ducal House

Listen to the Wilhelmus

Whenever the Grand Duke, the Grand Duchess or a member of the Grand Ducal Family take part in a ceremony, the Wilhelmus, the hymn of the Maison grand-ducale, will be played. This hymn has been played for over a hundred years in the form we are familiar with. But the melody is much older and dates back to the 16th century.

When the hymn is played, it means that the Grand Duke or a member of the Family has arrived.

The Grand Ducal couple shares their family album

'The Foundation of the Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess'

The 'Fondation du Grand-Duc et de la Grande-Duchesse' helps people in need who are struggling to get by. When she married the Grand Duke, the Grand Duchess received a gift of money to set up a foundation bearing her name. She suggested that the Foundation should also be named after her husband.

The Foundation helps people in need, providing them with assistance or a solution to their problem. It is particularly supportive of women who are single parents or victims of violence. The Foundation also funds humanitarian aid projects abroad. Or other projects, such as a 'Prince Charles' playground in Esch-sur-Alzette, with play equipment that is accessible to people with disabilities.

Berg Castle

Berg Castle is where Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa live. They live upstairs, while the ground floor is used for official meetings. Berg Castle has existed since the Middle Ages, but it has undergone many changes over the centuries and lots of work has been carried out on it.

During the Second World War, the Germans set up a school for girls here. Unfortunately, they did a great deal of damage to the furniture and works of art. The bullet holes from this era can still be seen on the garden façade.

Today, the castle has an amazing library, greenhouses and is set in beautiful gardens that are maintained with respect for nature.