Fischbach Castle

Welcome to Fischbach Castle

Moien. Welcome to Fischbach Castle. This is traditionally where the former Grand Duke or Hereditary Grand Duke and his family live. This is where I live, with Stéphanie, Charles and François. Fischbach is smaller than Berg and quieter, which is great for children. We take part in village activities. We really love it here.

The Hereditary Couple

Fischbach Castle

Fischbach Castle has a long history, dating back almost a thousand years to 1050. Ah, what a lot of stories it would be able to tell if only it could talk: the Polish burning down the army of Duke François de Lorraine in 1635, for example. Or its transformation by the Germans into a rest home for artists during the Second World War.

After the war, Fischbach Castle became the favourite residence of Grand Duchess Charlotte, Grand Duke Henri’s grandmother, who lived there until the end of her life. Since then, it has been the residence of the Hereditary Grand Duke or the Former Grand Duke.

It is a calm and peaceful place, where Guillaume and Stéphanie, the hereditary Grand Dukes, and their family now live happily.