Hello! We are the caretakers. We work together as a team, we make sure that everything is tip-top. We're happy to contribute to our country's image in this way, and we're delighted when no one has anything to say to us as that means that everything has run smoothly and to plan.

In a Palace, everything has to be perfect all the time. To achieve this, we need a number of different professions, grouped together in what are known as 'caretakers', all of whom have one thing in common: the skill of making sure everything is perfect. These include the maintenance staff, the laundry team, the 'handy men' who can help with all the little problems (a light bulb that needs replacing, a leaky tap, etc.) that always happen just at the worst times.

In their jobs, they all give priority to environmentally-friendly products and materials. All these people form close-knit teams who help each other out whenever possible and ensure that the service they provide is excellent.

The Palace would not be what it is without the attention to detail and meticulous work of its caretakers.