Grand Duchess Charlotte

Charlotte the second daughter of Grand Duke Guillaume IV and Grand Duchess Maria Ana. She succeeded her sister Grand Duchess Marie-Adélaïde and became Grand Duchess in 1919. Her reign lasted 45 years, until she was succeeded in 1964 by Grand Duke Jean. She died 21 years later, in 1985.

Luxembourgers love Charlotte. This is because she created a bond of trust with the people of Luxembourg, a bond that was strengthened by the Second World War. Against Germany, they found their greatest patriot in the Grand Duchess. As a sign of resistance, she fled to France, Portugal, Canada and then London, from where she sent messages of resistance and encouragement to the public by radio.

The Germans wanted her to return to the Grand Duchy, but she responded to their request with this unforgettable phrase: 'My heart says yes, but my mind says no.'

Her husband, Prince Félix, and her son, the Hereditary Grand Duke Jean, joined the British army. They returned at the end of the war and Charlotte was celebrated as a heroine of the Resistance.

She then devoted herself to rebuilding the country and ensuring that the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg played a key role on the international stage. She was adored by the population; every citizen regarded her as a member of their family. She herself was the proud grandmother of 27 grandchildren. She always knew exactly what to say to reassure people and make them laugh.