The Hereditary Grand Duchess

Moien! My name is Stéphanie and I'm married to Guillaume, the Hereditary Grand Duke. I was born in Belgium in 1984 and grew up in a large family in Anvaing. Guillaume and I got married in 2012. We live in Fischbach with our sons Charles and François. It's a magical place for children.

The Hereditary Grand Duchess comes from a large family. She is the eighth child of the Count and Countess de Lannoy. Her passion is music. From an early age, she studied music theory, piano and then violin. As a teenager, she loved reading and foreign languages. When she was eighteen, she spent a year in Moscow studying Russian and the violin. She then devoted her university studies to German literature.

Princess Stéphanie is very close to her husband and takes part in many official activities alongside him. She often accompanies him on economic missions. The Princess is particularly passionate about art and science.

Spontaneous and natural, she also loves her role as a mother.