The Heritage Manager

Moien! I'm the Heritage Manager. I look after the Grand Ducal heritage, which includes works of art, books, photos and archive documents. They need to be recorded, classified, restored and carefully preserved so that they will still be here in 1,000 years' time!

There are different professions at work in the historical reserves at the Palace and Castles. Curators are familiar with all the works of art and know how to care for, protect and restore them and make sure they look their best.

Archivists dust off, classify, arrange and number thousands of documents that will one day be accessible to historians. Librarians do the same with books; they also digitise official photos to help those who wish to consult them.

They all wear white gloves whilst working to protect the works of art and the documents, which are very fragile and require a great deal of care to prevent them from being damaged.

Curators, archivists and librarians therefore work hard to ensure that these historic documents are preserved for the future.