Prince Félix

My name is Félix. I am the second son of Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa. I was born on 3 June 1984. My wife, Princess Claire, and I work together in the wine industry. We are the proud parents of Princess Amalia, born in 2014, and Prince Liam, born in 2016.

After going to primary and secondary school in the Grand Duchy, Félix went to stay in Switzerland, where he met his future wife, Claire Lademacher.

They are both passionate about vines and wine, and they manage a wine estate in the south of France. The Prince is also very interested in the expertise of the Grand Duchy's winegrowers. Together with a couple of friends, Prince Félix and Princess Claire set up 'Young Empire', a children's clothing brand, in 2016.

Prince Félix speaks five languages. He lives in Frankfurt and the south of France. In Luxembourg, he regularly takes part in official activities, such as National Day.

When he was young, Prince Félix was a member of the scouts. He also loves sports! He loves basketball, parachuting, tennis, golf and skiing, in particular.