Princesse Claire

Hello everyone. I'm Princess Claire, Félix’s wife and Amalia and Liam’s mum. Félix and I share many of the same passions and enjoy working together. Family is the most important thing to me. In Luxembourg, I am a patron of 'Lux-Transplant', which deals with life-saving organ donation.

Princess Claire was born in Germany in 1985. She studied in Germany, the United States, Paris and Rome. Claire has always been a brilliant pupil and student. She is a specialist in bioethics, which studies the consequences of new medical practices. She is very interested in all these issues.

She manages a wine estate in the south of France with Prince Félix. In 2016, they also set up 'Young Empire', a children's clothing brand. In Luxembourg, Princess Claire takes part in many official ceremonies. She supports the Luxembourg Transplant ASBL association and regularly attends World Organ Donor Day.

Princess Claire lives in Germany with her husband and their two children. She loves baking and drawing with Amalia and Liam. Her hobbies? Yoga, photography and reading!