The valet

Hello, I'm the Grand Duke's valet. The valet is a trusted person, for whom the personal service they provide is very important. I look after the residences and the guests. I also go with the family on official and private visits. I make sure everything runs smoothly. The Grand Duke expects me to be loyal, helpful and discreet. He can count on me!

The valet has a lot of work to do! He is responsible for opening and closing the Grand Duke's residences: the Palace, Berg Castle and Fischbach Castle. For example, everything has to be ready when the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess go away on a trip! The valet welcomes visitors and guests and makes sure they are comfortable. He has to make sure that everyone has what they need. When there are prestigious events, the valet organises the table service for the meals.

In everyday life, the valet receives the mail and delivers it to the people or departments to whom it is addressed. The valet also prepares the offices and meeting rooms for the Grand Duke's work and ensures that everything at the palace is clean and well-maintained.

That’s a lot of work! That's why there isn't just one valet: there are eight. Some are attached to the Palace, others to Berg Castle or Fischbach Castle.