The gardener

Hello, I'm the head gardener. I look after the parks and gardens at the Grand Ducal palace, the Colmar-Berg residence and Fischbach castle. There are about a dozen of us looking after the trees and flowers, from the nurseryman who raises the young trees to the florist who makes up the bouquets and floral decorations.

The Grand Duke is very concerned about caring for nature and is keen to ensure that no chemicals or pesticides are used. Weeds are pulled up or burnt. Nesting boxes in the ash trees provide shelter for birds.

A florist takes care of the floral decorations for all official ceremonies, gala dinners and, of course, the Christmas tree. The team also includes a flower grower (who grows the flowers), a horticulturist (who looks after the gardens), a landscape gardener and a mechanic who looks after all the machinery.

An old greenhouse in the Colmar-Berg park is going to be refurbished. We are going to grow flowers in it, as well as vegetables and aromatic herbs for cooking.