The Grand Duke

Hello, I'm Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg. I succeeded my father, Grand Duke Jean, who had succeeded my grandmother, Grand Duchess Charlotte. One day, my position will pass to my son Guillaume. The role of the Head of State is first and foremost to serve Luxembourg, Luxembourgers and all those who live and work here. I'm really glad that this is explained to all children.

Grand Duke Henri was born on 16 April 1955. While studying at university in Geneva, he met Maria Teresa, who became his wife and with whom he has five children: Guillaume, Félix, Louis, Alexandra and Sébastien. His role as Head of State includes a number of different tasks, which are explained on this website. He thinks about future generations and is very aware of all the problems facing the planet, both in his work and in his everyday life.

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He swims, plays tennis, skis and sails regularly and enjoys going out on his motorbike. He also enjoys literature, music, nature and sports. But he likes to make time for family time, because he's also a loving grandfather to Noah, Gabriel, Amalia, Liam, Charles and François.