The chef

I'm a chef. I prepare meals for the Royal Highnesses when they are in the country, whether it be their daily meals or for receptions for their guests or large official dinners. If it’s a large event, then help is required. It's an exciting job. We have to be at the top of our game, as the saying goes 'If politics often divides people, they always come together around a good meal'. That's the motto that all chefs cooking for world leaders follow.

There are three chefs at the Grand Duke's House. There is one at each site: the Palace, Berg Castle and Fischbach Castle. They are known as the 'Chefs des Chefs' in French: a play on words which means they are the chefs of the heads of state. They have formed an association and jealously guard their recipes, which they only share with each other.

They have assistants because the work doesn't just involve pots and pans: they have to place food orders, make sure they use local and seasonal organic produce, cater to the guests' needs and also be creative to give a very positive image of the Grand Duchy.

They also work directly with the Parks and Gardens department to use the vegetables and edible flowers grown in the kitchen gardens.