Visits to and from Luxembourg

As Head of State, the Grand Duke has to travel a lot. He visits the leaders of other countries, and receives them at the Palace when they come to Luxembourg. When he travels, he is accompanied by ministers and sometimes members of his family also travel with him. Princess Alexandra accompanied him to Japan, for example.

What is a State visit?

Every year, the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess receive foreign heads of state and travel abroad on state visits. These visits are an opportunity for countries to strengthen their ties.

The rules of the host country are applied during these visits. In the Grand Duchy, the visit traditionally begins with a welcome ceremony outside the Palace. The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess greet their guests.

Once inside the Palace, the visit continues with an exchange of views, gifts and lunch.

A little later, the foreign Head of State receives our Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The first evening ends with a banquet at the Grand Ducal Palace.

The programme for the following days may include visits to museums, companies, a concert, an exhibition… On the last day, a farewell ceremony is held in front of the Palace, before the visitors return home.